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Split EMC cable gland | for shielding cables with connectors | thread size M32 / M63;




1 -   The KT cable grommet is used for strain relief and cable sealing (up to IP 55) on the cable jacket;

2 -   The cable shield is contacted over 360° via the conductive EMC-KT grommet;




Split EMC cable entry frames | for shielding cables with connectors | match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-pin standard industrial connectors;





All benefits at a glance:


* Perfect for pre-terminated cables: The connector does not have to be removed for wiring;


* Both conducted and field-bound disturbances are reliably diverted;


* Integrated strain relief and sealing are independent from the EMC contact;


* Scratch-resistant surface;


* Contacting the cable shield over 360°;


* EMC grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer;


* Very good dissipation values and shielding effect regarding EMC tightness;


* Space and cost-saving solution compared to conventional EMC cable glands.



For the assemby videos, you can access YouTube, using the following links:


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EMC Cable entry system for cables with connectors, IP55 | EMC-KEL-DS | Assembly | icotek